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Top Data Integration Qualities in 2023

Streamline data management and achieve better analytical results

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ML-powered, fast & scalable ETL

Create batch and streaming data pipelines effortlessly, over a zero-code, drag-and-drop interface. Leverage machine learning to accelerate ETL and other data operations.

Lightning fast

Experience 10x faster data processing powered by Apache Spark. Seamlessly process as many as 1Mn+ events per second – both on-premises and in the cloud.

Easy to extend

Save development efforts; reuse datasets and custom components across applications. Enable everyone to work with familiar tools and languages (Notebook, SQL, etc.).

Full-scale automation

Automatically get an accurate, metadata-driven schema as soon as you load data from any source. Save time and effort with automated data validation and pipeline inspection.

Self-healing architecture

Build reliable, fault-tolerant ETL/ELT pipelines with ease. Handle errors seamlessly, respond to failures faster, and prevent any downstream issues.


Accelerate your journey from data to decisions – A Unified analytics platform for ETL, ML, and BI

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One-of-a-kind no-code, unified
data-to-outcome platform

  • No-code for data at scale, batch and streaming
  • Gen AI help to search, understand, query, and build easily
  • 250+ connectors,
    200+ operators,
    50+ apps and
    solution blueprints
  • Unified collaborative experience
  • Best of open source and enterprise grade
  • Production ready output from day 1


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