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Why It Matters

Unified platform for data-to-outcome journeys

Unify data integration, machine learning, insights, and automation

Self-service, drag-and-drop UI

Effortlessly create ML-powered apps without writing any code

Built-in Machine Learning capabilities

Build, deploy, and manage ML models at scale

Open, flexible, and interoperable

Innovate quickly and adapt to ever-evolving technologies and markets

Cost savings

Zero upfront costs and virtually maintenance free, pay only for what you use

Zero maintenance

No need to maintain any hardware, servers, or infrastructure

Seamless integration

Easily integrate with any third party tools or services

Limitless scalability

Seamlessly scale up or down to manage changing volume peaks

Airtight security

Your storage and compute reside within your own cloud environment, which means your confidential data never leaves network boundaries

Data localization

Use multiple, region-specific cloud environments (AWS, Azure, or GCP) and keep your data local to ensure regulatory compliance

Improved performance

Ensure faster data processing by keeping your data closer to the compute and reducing data movement

Better ROI

Maximize ROI on your cloud investments by leveraging existing resources, while avoiding security and compliance risks and costs.

Why Gathr

Top 10 reasons to
upgrade to Gathr

First and only "data-to-outcome" platform

Build end-to-end data journeys spanning data collection, transformation, insights, predictions, and recommendations.

Built for all skill levels

Empower data citizens to build applications using no-code, while simultaneously enabling tech users to write custom code to solve complex use cases.

ML at the front and center

Build & train models using no-code autoML capabilities. Seamlessly use ML inline - to boost data quality, predictions, recommendations & more.

Unified experience

Eliminate the need for multiple point solutions with a single platform for data integration, machine learning, analytics, and process automation.

Data at scale, batch or real-time

Build, design and manage pipelines, workflows, and applications on massive scale of data, at rest or in motion - using a no-code, low-code approach.


Collaborative workspaces for data engineers, data scientists, ops engineers, data analysts, and business users to work together.


Get production-ready output from day 1. Extensively tested for stability, reliability, security, and scale.

Full scale automation

Gathr automates various steps of the data to outcome pipeline – from ingestion to schema, validation, inspection, execution, reporting, troubleshooting, and more.


Quickly adapt to changing technologies and market landscape with a cloud-native, open and extensible architecture.

Lowest TCO

Design for free, pay only when you execute, and on consumption basis. TCO less than the cost of a single skilled engineer.

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