Accelerate your journey from data to decisions – a unified analytics platform for ETL, ML, and BI

Real-time insight-driven decision-making is a key enabler for enterprise digital transformation. But traditional ETL tools face multiple challenges in collecting, cleansing, and preparing data for analysis, which affect time-critical business decisions.

As data volumes increase exponentially, enterprises are looking for a modern analytics platform to implement high-performance ETL and BI on massive datasets. Gathr and Kyvos Insights are helping top Fortune enterprises solve end-to-end use cases with real-time self-service data processing, machine learning, and business intelligence.

Join our webinar to learn how you can:

Key takeaways:

  • Transform and make data ready for BI consumption

  • Deliver high-performance BI with Smart OLAP

  • Leverage machine learning for deeper business insights

  • Create enhanced collaborative dashboards and visualizations


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