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Prepare data 50x faster

Prepare data 50x faster, defining preparation and quality rules without any coding. Gathr allows you to build data preparation pipelines while simultaneously working on the data.

Drag-and-drop, visual UI

Connect to a wide variety of batch and streaming sources for data preparation Perform data quality checks and enrich incoming data using self-service operators.

Full-scale automation

Automatically get an accurate, metadata- driven schema as soon as you load data from any source. Save hours of effort with automated data validation.

Unmatched speed

Experience 10x faster data processing, powered by Apache Spark. Seamlessly process as many as 1Mn+ events per second - both on-premises and in the cloud.

360 visibility & accuracy

Continuously track changes to your data as you perform transformations. Develop test cases and validate your data for accuracy by leveraging automation capabilities.


Accelerating time to value with a modern data integration approach

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One-of-a-kind no-code, unified
data-to-outcome platform

  • No-code for data at scale, batch and streaming
  • Gen AI help to search, understand, query, and build easily
  • 250+ connectors,
    200+ operators,
    50+ apps and
    solution blueprints
  • Unified collaborative experience
  • Best of open source and enterprise grade
  • Production ready output from day 1


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