Accelerating time to value with a modern data integration approach

As C-suite and line-of-business leaders look for new ways to drive growth in the post-Covid business recovery era, they need to find faster and better ways to turn data into value.

There are rich opportunities for companies to integrate customer data from different data sets (transactional, marketing, customer service) to help gain a deeper understanding of customers and their preferences and to help create ‘hyper-personalized’ next best offers for them.

In addition, as organizations accelerate their adoption of SaaS and cloud platforms, technology leaders are increasingly utilizing cloud-managed data integration tools and approaches to expedite results and lower their costs.

Discover the key business and operational drivers behind ETL modernization initiatives, and understand how modern data integration platforms help technology leaders solve major business challenges.

Join experts from HMG Strategy, Bloor Research, and Gathr to learn about:

Key takeaways:

  • How the data integration market is changing – and why

  • Top business and operational drivers behind data integration initiatives

  • Recommendations for designing a modern data stack to harness the power of cloud and ML

  • Key considerations for implementing data integration use cases


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