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Forever Free



  • Credit Points Available
  • Credit Card Required
  • Complimentary Workshop (one-time)
  • Compute Engine Size
  • Capabilities
  • Solutions / Business Apps
  • Connectors (Standard)
  • Connectors (Premium)
  • Extensibility
  • Management APIs
  • Security
  • Users
  • Marketplace Provisioning and Billing
  • Deployment
  • Customer Support
  • Response SLA

Forever Free

  • 60 credits per month
  • XS
  • Ingestion Actionable AnalyticsBusiness process automation

  • Cloud Cost Pro (FinOps)
    Cloud Cost Pro

    A multi-cloud FinOps solution, designed for organizations that seek seamless visibility and control over their cloud costs.

    • • Choose between forever free and business plans
    • • Manage cloud spending across multi-cloud setups over a single solution
    Take me to Cloud Cost Pro
    DORA++ (DevOps) DevOps360 (DevOps) QE GO/NO-GO and Traceability (DevOps) Continuous Compliance (DevOps) Customer 360 (Sales and marketing)and more...
  • In-line SQL
  • Standard
  • Unlimited
  • Fully Managed Cloud
  • In-app chat
  • Best-effort only


  • 180 credits one-time upon plan sign-up
  • XS, S, M, L
  • Everything in forever free plan


    ETL ELT Reverse ETL CDC Streaming Analytics

  • Same as forever free plan

  • 1000
    credits / connector/ month
  • In-line SQL, Python, Scala 
  • Standard
  • Unlimited
    • Get it from the AWS SaaS Marketplace

      Designed for organizations that need a seamless experience with provisioning and billing from the AWS marketplace

      • • Choose between advanced or business plan
      • • Get additional 500 free credits at sign-up. This is over and above one-time credits for advanced and business plan.
      • • Monthly billing directly included in your AWS bill
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    • GCP Market place info Coming Soon
    • Coming Soon
  • Fully Managed Cloud
  • In-app chat, Email
  • Standard


  • 480 credits one-time upon plan sign-up
  • XS, S, M, L, Custom
  • Everything in advanced plan


    Machine Learning Data Assets

  • Same as advanced plan

  • 800 credits/connector/month. Pay for 3 connectors for a given month, get unlimited connectors free for that month
  • In-line SQL, Python, Scala 
  • Advanced identity management through SAML-based SSO and real-time active directory sync
  • Unlimited
    • Get it from the AWS SaaS Marketplace

      Designed for organizations that need a seamless experience with provisioning and billing from the AWS marketplace

      • • Choose between advanced or business plan
      • • Get additional 500 free credits at sign-up. This is over and above one-time credits for advanced and business plan.
      • • Monthly billing directly included in your AWS bill
      Take me to the marketplace
    • GCP Market place info Coming Soon
    • Coming Soon
  • Fully Managed Cloud
    Bring your Own Cloud

    Bring your Own Cloud (BYOC)

    Designed for organizations that need the flexibility of fully managed SaaS, and the data localization and security of private cloud.

    • • Build, deploy and manage apps/ pipelines using SaaS
    • • Keep data local and secure by executing the apps/ pipelines in your own cloud/ VPC
    • • Work with Gathr or Partner Professional Services for faster implementation
  • In-app chat, Email
  • Standard, Option to upgrade to premium support

Credit Usage Calculator

This calculator can be used to estimate processing fees for batch data pipelines. In general, processing fees are proportional to the amount of data being processed, the complexity of the rules and transformations applied to the data, and the size of the assigned compute engine. Other factors can impact usage such as latency to source and target systems. This calculator is a guide and not an exact commitment on pricing. You also can set up a 14-day free trial to make a real-world test using your data to get actual minutes and credit usage. Contact us to walk you through the product and connect directly to your data!

In addition to processing fees, cost factors can include the use of premium connectors and any long-term storage you wish to leverage in Gathr for workflow and analytics apps

This calculator is focused on batch use cases. For streaming usage and associated costs, please reach out to our sales team for more specifics on pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in my Free Trial?
Every user/org who signs up is eligible for a free trial to experience the platform for 14 days. The user will be able to experience most of the elements of the “Business” plan, except for a few capabilities, as shown in the table below. Please refer to the FAQ section for the definition of the terms.

Duration 14 Days
Cost  Free
Credit Card Required N
Complimentary Workshop (one-time)  Y
Compute Engine Size  Free Tier
Use Gathr for  Everything that user gets as part of "Business Plan"
Connectors (Standard) Y
Connectors (Premium) Y
Extensibility  Python, Scala, In-line SQL
Management APIs  N
Security  Standard
Users Unlimited
Deployment  Fully Managed Cloud Only
Customer Support  In-app chat, Email
Response SLA  Standard
How do I get started?
Sign-up on app.gathr.one for the SaaS version. Contact us for BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) or on-prem/ VPC options.
What’s new with Gathr?
Enhanced capabilities that deliver an entire journey from data to outcomes. Access to premium connectors. Flexible SaaS plans. Flexible usage-based licensing model.
What is a Gathr credit point, and how are points consumed?
A Gathr credit point is a unit of measure used to pay for the consumption of Gathr resources. Credits are consumed when
  1. Apps are executed. No credits are consumed for design/development work 
    • Credits are consumed depending on the size of the compute engine and execution cores per minute usage. Refer the table below:
      Compute Engine Execution VCORES Credit/minute
      XS  6 1
      S  8 2
      M  14 4
      L  26 8
  1. Premium connectors are being used in a billing month
    • Credit points for usage of premium connectors are billed on a per connector per month basis.
  1. Storage is being used for workflow and analytical apps
    • Credit point for storage consumed for interactive/automation workflows and analytical apps is as follows:
      Plan Credit
      Free 1 credit / 50MB/ Month
      Advanced 1 credit / 100MB / Month
      Business 1 credit / 150MB / Month
How do I know how many credit points I am consuming?
You can monitor your Gathr credit usage at any time through your account. Should you need to purchase additional credits, contact us and we will guide you through the process.
What happens to my one-time credits when I switch plans?
One-time credits are available for Gathr Advanced and Gathr Business plans. The credits are awarded when a user registers a credit card with Gathr for the first time and selects a plan. When a user switches between plans, the remaining credits are rolled over to the new plan.
What cloud marketplaces are supported? 

Gathr is currently available on the following marketplaces:

AWS marketplace – Choose between SaaS and Metered usage (VPC version) on the AWS Marketplace.

Google Cloud marketplace – Choose between Gathr BYOL and Metered usage billing options.

Gathr will be available across other major cloud marketplaces by the end of Q2, 2024. You can also contract directly via Gathr.

How do I get premium support? 
Contact us for Gathr premium support options.
Can a trial be extended after 14 days?
Contact us as you near your trial expiration date.
How long is the complimentary workshop?
A one-time virtual complimentary workshop is available for a maximum of 90 minutes.
Which connectors are considered Standard vs. Premium?
See list of standard and premium connectors here.
How does billing work for a premium connector?
For the first time, if a user subscribes to a premium connector anytime during the month, billing will be on a pro rata basis. Users will only be charged a fraction (number of days remaining in the month / 30) of the fixed monthly credits charged for the connector.

Please Note:
    • An organization can take advantage of this prorated billing only once for a particular connector.
    • A premium connector subscription auto-renews at start of every month and then user will be charged for the whole month.
    • If a user unsubscribes the connector and later subscribes again to same connector, then irrespective of number of days remaining in the month, organization will be charged for the whole month.
How does the premium connector subscription differ between advanced and business plans?
Users on the Advanced plan need to pay monthly credits for every Premium connector they subscribe to. Users on a Business plan need to pay monthly credits only for the first 3 premium connectors. Any additional premium connector, beyond 3 premium connectors, will not incur any monthly credits.
I am an existing Gathr user, can I subscribe to premium connectors?
Existing Gathr users need to upgrade to the Advanced or Business plan in order to subscribe to premium connectors.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plans?
Plans can be upgraded anytime and upon upgrade, the features of the upgraded plan will be available right away. Regarding the downgrade, its request can be initiated anytime, but it will be completed at the end of the month. Users can choose to cancel their downgrade request before the end of the month to continue the current plan.
Can an organization use different plans?
The organization admin’s plan selection applies to the entire organization.
I am an existing Gathr pro user, what will happen?
You can continue to use Gathr as is for the next 90 days. During this time, you can upgrade to either the Advanced or Business plan. Upon completion of 90 days, at first login, you will be asked to select a new plan to continue operations. Reach out to us for any questions or concerns.
I’m an active Gathr user, but have been using the free plan, what will happen?
You will be asked to subscribe to one of the new plans (and you can select Forever Free if you want to continue using the free plan) as soon as you login and you can continue to use the services offered in the chosen plan.
My trial is still active, what will happen?
You can continue the trial – these changes will not impact your trial. You will be asked to choose from new plans after the expiry of the trial.
My trial has expired, what will happen if I login again?
Upon login, you will be asked to choose from new plans. You can choose Forever Free plan and continue with Ingestion apps, or you can choose Advanced and Business plans to avail a better feature set.
Do one-time credits expire?
No, one-time credits don’t expire unless the user switches to a Forever Free plan. If a user switches from Business/Advanced plan to a Forever Free plan, then the remaining credits will not be available.
Do the unused credits for the Forever Free plan rollover to the following month?
Users on a Forever Free plan get 60 recurring credits every month. Unused credits will not roll over to the following month.
Are credits used when running sample apps?
Yes, they are used while running any application.
How can I estimate my future consumption and cost?
Cost is dependent on compute resources consumed by a pipeline/application and that in turn is dependent on the type of data sources, complexity of pipeline/application etc. A user will have to run the pipelines/apps on a fair data size to estimate future consumption and cost. Apps created during the trial phase or after and associated credits consumed, as visible in the product, can be extrapolated to evaluate future consumption and costs.

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Gathr is an end-to-end, unified data platform for ingestion, integration/ETL, streaming analytics, and machine learning. It offers strengths in usability, data connectors, tools, and extensibilty.

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Gathr helped us power “in-the-moment” actionable insights from massive volumes of complex operational and digital interaction data.


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