End-to-end DevOps Monitoring and Observability


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DORA Metrics

Implement DORA metrics for continuous DevOps improvements.

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DevOps 360

Get a holistic view of DevOps unifying data from your infrastructure, applications, and more.

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Continuous Compliance

Get easy visibility and automated policy enforcement across your deployment pipeline.

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AWS DevOps Monitoring

Boost operational performance with easy visibility and control over AWS DevOps.

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Increase DevOps ROI with Continuous Measurement and Optimization

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Boost DevOps performance with end-to-end visibility and control

Gathr’s ready-to-use DevOps apps improve software planning, development, deliveries, and operations while helping your teams ensure continuous compliance with DevOps best practices.


Gathr’s bi-directional connectors integrate tools like Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, SonarQube, etc., for unified visibility and control.

Quick no-code

Automate triggers and actions and set up schedules to reduce time to insights, resolution times, errors, and more.


Eliminate manual oversights, increase traceability, & quickly identify bottlenecks across the application lifecycle.

Alerts and

Get smart alerts and recommendations to resolve risks and vulnerabilities & optimize your resources proactively.


Enable a Holistic View Across Your DevOps Toolchains

Discover best practices and proven strategies to boost DevOps health and performance.

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Gathr Overview

One-of-a-kind no-code, unified
data-to-outcome platform

  • No-code for data at scale, batch and streaming
  • ML-powered apps and pipelines
  • 100+ business apps,
    250+ connectors,
    200+ operators
  • Unified collaborative experience
  • Best of open source and enterprise grade
  • Production ready output from day 1


Data integration

Machine learning

Actionable insights

Process automation

Business Apps

  • FinOps
  • CloudOps
  • DevOps
  • SecOps
  • ALM
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Support

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