Gathr is a modern, cloud-native, zero-code platform for building ML-powered applications on data at scale, at rest, or in motion. It’s a unique platform that augments, automates, and accelerates the data journey through data collection, transformation, insights delivery, predictions, and recommendations to enable 50x faster business outcomes.


In the pursuit of perfection

Gathr was created by a team of industry veterans and visionaries from Impetus in 2014. We started as a streaming analytics platform. Over the next 5 years, we solved the most complex streaming and IoT use cases for the largest enterprises on the planet — in the process of perfecting our product. We soon became the best at it; at least, that’s what our customers and experts, such as Gartner and Forrester, led us to believe. 

But we realized there’s still a lot to achieve.

We felt the need for an end-to-end platform, which accelerates the journey from data to outcomes, which is simple, and yet future-ready to meet ever-evolving market needs. With this in mind, we kept developing extensive capabilities for data integration, machine learning, and advanced analytics.  

In 2023, we added insights delivery and business process automation capabilities to our platform with Klera. With this, Gathr became a first-of-its-kind platform, offering enterprise-grade capabilities for data integration, machine learning, analytics, DevOps, cloud cost control, process automation, and more – all over a unified platform.  It has brought a paradigm change in the way organizations view their data journeys. 

We can proudly say that from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, Gathr now helps businesses across industries convert their data to outcomes 50x faster, and with better efficiency. 

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Praveen Kankariya

Founder and Executive Chairman

Ritu Bapna

Executive Vice-Chairman

P.C. Kiran Kumar


Bhavin Shah

Sr. Vice President, Sales and Customer Success

Aashu Mahajan

Vice President of Engineering

Prashant C. Singh

Sr. Director of Marketing

Sameer Bhide

Director of Technology

Sapnesh Agrawal

Director of Product Development

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