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Simplify analytics and get actionable insights 50x faster

Navigate across tools and data sources with ease. Automate data collection, analytics, and visualization, to get quick insights, predictions, and recommendations and reach business outcomes faster than ever.

Fetch what’s needed

Collect data with built-in bi-directional connectors. Use contextual fetching to collect only relevant data and save significant time in data collection.

Query in seconds

Sift through data at scale in seconds. Get up to 10x faster querying and processing speeds powered by Apache Spark.

Leverage ML & Python

In addition to proprietary algorithms for predictions, you can use ML and Python for custom scripting, algorithms, formulas, and operations.

Get interactive dashboards

Storyboard and visualize data using ready-to-use templates to quickly spot trends, patterns, spikes, anomalies, and more.


Accelerate your journey from data to outcomes – the Gathr approach

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