Building Gen AI powered recommendation engine

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In this demo, we will show how Gathr’s Gen AI Fabric enables you to quickly transform your Gen AI ideas from prototype to production. With our copilot-assisted, drag-and-drop interface, you can visually build Gen AI solutions effortlessly.

You will learn about building a recommendation engine using Gathr’s Gen AI fabric. Recommendation engines are crucial tools in today’s data-driven world, helping businesses provide personalized suggestions to their users. Whether it’s suggesting products to buy, content to consume, or services to use, recommendation engines enhance user experience and drive engagement.

In this session, a healthcare diagnostic provider aims to automate the extraction of examination results from PDF lab reports, generate medical recommendations, and provide health insights to client companies.

With Gathr’s Gen AI Fabric, the provider was able to streamline the process of data extraction, analysis, and visualization, ultimately delivering actionable recommendations to improve patient care.

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