What is StreamAnalytix Lite?

StreamAnalytix Lite is a free, compact version of the StreamAnalytix platform. A light-weight visual integrated development environment (IDE), StreamAnalytix Lite offers you a full range of data processing and analytics functionality to build, test and run Apache Spark applications on your desktop or any single node.

Apache Spark Made Easy with StreamAnalytix Lite

Use a powerful visual IDE, a wide range of built-in operators, and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
to build Apache Spark pipelines within minutes, without writing a single line of code

Kick-start your Apache Spark Initiatives Now!

Download and Install

On your Mac, Windows or Linux-based desktop or a VM

Build Apache Spark Pipelines

Use a rich array of drag-and-drop Apache Spark operators OR use custom logic

Manage Apache Spark Applications end to end

Test, debug, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade Apache Spark applications

Experience StreamAnalytix Lite Now


StreamAnalytix Lite Features

Quick-start with a light-weight tool, less than 1 GB on disk and downloadable onto your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop, or a server node. StreamAnalytix Lite runs on your secure and local environment, with no dependency on other systems.

Build and Run Enterprise-grade Spark Applications on Your Desktop

Enables end-to-end application life cycle management: build, test, debug, deploy, and manage

Use A Visual UI for Rapid Application Development

Offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a visual pipeline designer

Self Service Platform to Create Data Flows

Build Data Flows using the visually interactive environment, leverage auto schema detection, get auto user recommendations and more

Get all Spark Features in One Unified Development Tool

Offers a wide array of built-in Spark operators for data sources, transformations, machine learning and data sinks.
Support for Spark 2.3
Support for Spark Structured Streaming

Built-In Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Capabilities

Use pre-built analytical operators like; Spark MLlib, Spark ML, PMML, TensorFlow, and H2O

Use Powerful Multi-Tenancy Features

Allows multiple users to connect to a single instance through a web-based interface

Scale Out Pipelines with StreamAnalytix Enterprise Edition

Seamlessly export your pipelines to the StreamAnalytix enterprise edition platform, to run on multi-node Apache Spark clusters