Streaming analytics for IoT with apache spark

Modern IoT operations can drive digital transformation by analyzing the unprecedented amounts of data generated from devices and sensors in real-time.

Apache Spark is a widely used stream processing engine for real-time IoT applications. Spark streaming offers a rich set of APIs in the areas of ingestion, cloud integration, multi-source joins, blending streams with static data, time-window aggregations, transformations, data cleansing, and strong support for machine learning and predictive analytics.

Join us in our webinar to learn about the rapid development and operationalization of real-time IoT applications covering an end-to-end flow of ingestion, insights, actions, and feedback.

Key takeaways:

  • Generic IoT application blueprint

  • Case studies on IoT applications built on Apache Spark – connected car and industrial IoT

  • Demonstration of an easy, visual approach to building IoT Spark apps


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