Customer Story

Real-time insider threat detection solution for a Fortune 500 bank

Learn how a large US-based bank used predictive analytics and machine learning to identify and prevent insider information security threats across sensitive applications in its retail banking and wealth management divisions.


  • Simple rule-based alerts proved inadequate for accurate and timely threat detection
  • An expensive and inflexible technology stack limited threat detection to only a few applications, exposing the bank to vulnerabilities
  • The existing solution was taking too long to develop and move use cases into production


Gathr enabled the use of predictive analytics and machine learning on a large data set from highly sensitive applications to automatically detect previously unknown threat scenarios and raise appropriate alerts to prevent predicted breaches.


  • Ingestion and data processing from 5x more applications at a fraction of the cost
  • Data transformation in real-time
  • Use of machine learning models on the log and complex event data
  • Custom alerts to curb fraud in real-time

    Gathr Data Inc will use the data provided here in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

      Gathr Data Inc will use the data provided here in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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      The only all-in-one data pipeline platform

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      Expert Opinion

      Gathr is an end-to-end, unified data platform that handles ingestion, integration/ETL (extract, transform, load), streaming analytics, and machine learning. It offers strengths in usability, data connectors, tools, and extensibilty.

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      Gathr helped us build “in-the-moment” actionable insights from massive volumes of complex operational data to effectively solve multiple use cases and improve the customer experience.


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