Customer Story


Implement data taxonomy and unified telemetry frameworks to standardize monitoring and controls across DevOps, FinOps, and SecOps functions for:

Enhanced data accuracy

Cross-functional insights

Streamlined reporting

Efficient data retrieval

Optimized resource allocation

Improved collaboration

About Broadcom

Broadcom, a Fortune #123 company with 20,000+ employees in 30 countries, is a global technology leader that designs, develops and supplies semiconductors, enterprise software, and security solutions.


Monitoring and governance issues across the software lifecycle in newly acquired companies as each team used different tools and processes

Lack of traceability and correlation made it difficult to resolve security incidents and vulnerabilities

Inability to resolve monthly $300K – $400K variance between cloud vendor bills and internal records


Unified monitoring dashboard for the entire Broadcom Software Group (6 business units, 5K+ managers, 100s of teams)

Real-time metrics and actionable insights to optimize spend with a continuous eye on work being done along with its security impact

Custom views for executives, managers, and engineers

Tag compliance and chargeback across 100+ product teams


  • 20+Tools

    integrated across ALM, SecOps, DevOps, and FinOps domain 

  • 100+Teams

    across six business units  brought together over a unified solution 

  • 20%

    effort reduction with quick, end-to-end data analysis across the software lifecycle 

  • 99%

    time savings with automation as compared to previous manual workflows 

  • $35 Mn+

    total savings on cloud spend