Unveiling the Power of Data Taxonomy in Achieving Comprehensive Software Lifecycle Telemetry at Broadcom

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, the pursuit of excellence hinges on a delicate yet transformative element: data taxonomy. Join us as we embark on a journey that showcases how Broadcom harnesses the Klera (now Gathr) software analytics and workflow engine in conjunction with a meticulous taxonomy framework to revolutionize its software development paradigm. Through this synergy, we have attained unparalleled visibility spanning the entire software lifecycle – from the genesis of code to the realms of security analysis, cloud cost optimization, and beyond.

Data taxonomy, often regarded as the cornerstone of a structured organization, emerges as the driving force behind our success. In the dynamic realms of DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps, where collaboration and clarity are paramount, a well-defined taxonomy becomes the conduit that seamlessly binds diverse operational facets. Gathr emerges as the catalyst that transforms taxonomy from a theoretical construct into an operational powerhouse, enabling us to bridge the chasms that separate Development, Security, and Financial Operations – the trifecta of modern software prowess.

This presentation delves into the transformative prowess of data taxonomy-driven software lifecycle telemetry. We unveil how taxonomy serves as the thread that weaves together intricate workflows, harmonizing processes, and establishing clear communication channels among teams responsible for coding, security validation, and financial forecasting. Our narrative showcases how the marriage of taxonomy and Gathr expedites development lifecycles while enhancing the security integrity of our applications through continuous code scrutiny and vulnerability assessments. Beyond this, we illuminate how taxonomy-driven insights extend to the financial dimension, offering real-time cost analysis and optimization avenues.

By embracing this approach, organizations unlock the ability to:

  • Elevate Visibility: Achieve holistic insight across the software lifecycle via meticulously crafted taxonomies that categorize and contextualize each phase.

  • Cultivate Collaboration: Foster cross-functional collaboration by providing teams with a shared taxonomy-based language, enabling seamless communication across DevOps, SecOps, and FinOps domains.

  • Enhance Security: Leverage taxonomy-driven processes to ensure code security through consistent vulnerability assessments and targeted remediation.

  • Optimize Costs: Utilize taxonomy as the foundation for real-time financial assessments, empowering teams to make informed decisions and allocate resources optimally.

In an era where software excellence is inseparable from streamlined interdepartmental coordination, taxonomy emerges as the unifying element that propels innovation, mitigates risk, and maximizes efficiency. This presentation lays bare the transformative potency of Gathr’s software analytics and workflow engine in tandem with a taxonomy-driven approach. Embark with us on this expedition to unravel the power of taxonomy – the linchpin that has redefined software lifecycle telemetry.


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