Unfolding the winning approach to a modern data management strategy

The business requirements of modern enterprises are evolving at a rapid pace, but legacy integration tools can’t keep up with the velocity, variety, and volume of data in the cloud-first world. Market-leading organizations need to intelligently manage and modernize their data stacks to advance their cloud analytics and warehousing initiatives.

Join our speakers, Forrester analyst Noel Yuhanna and in-house expert Amit Assudani, in our upcoming fireside chat to unravel an intelligent, future-proof data management strategy for modern enterprises. Take a walkthrough of business-specific use cases, covering a spectrum of modern data management solutions and learn how to adapt to the changing landscape of modern data stacks.

Key takeaways:

  • The uptake in the adoption of cloud data warehouses, emergence of ELT, and the new role of ETL

  • Understand when to use ETL vs ELT with real-world examples and use cases

  • What role do modern data management tools play in establishing an intelligent data management strategy

  • Key parameters to consider while selecting any data-to-outcome product


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