LOS GATOS, Calif., Feb. 8, 2017 — Impetus Technologies, a big data software products and services company, today announced the Spark Streaming Innovation Contest. Participating teams will compete to build a real-world streaming data application on the StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr)™ platform. A visual development platform to build real-time machine learning and stream processing applications, StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) dramatically reduces the time and effort it takes to develop and deploy Apache Spark-based data processing and analytics applications. An experienced Spark developer at a large cable and telecom company recently endorsed StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) for expediting the time it takes to build a Spark application from six weeks to less than two days.

The contest will be open for registration on Feb. 8, 2017, and submissions can be made until March 31, 2017. The grand prize winner will receive $10,000, the second and third place winners will receive $5,000 and $3,000, respectively. A special student winner will be awarded $2,000, bringing the total awarded prize money to $20,000.

Contestants will be given access to a cloud-based workspace with the latest version of StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr), which includes support for Apache Spark Streaming. They will be provided with a dataset and presented with an analytical problem to be solved by building a Spark Streaming application. Experts from the StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) team will be available for assistance via a support forum and by email. Ideally, competing teams should have skills in both Spark development and data science.

A panel of experts, including the StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) product team, architects and engineers, will evaluate submissions based on the scoring criteria available on the contest homepage. The winners will be announced on April 18, 2017.

Details on the Spark Streaming Innovation Contest are as follows:

Registration opens: Wednesday, Feb. 8. Contestants can register and view contest instructions and see the problem statement at https://www.streamanalytix.com/contest.

StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) community forum: The forum will be live at https://forum.streamanalytix.com, allowing contestants to engage in contest- and product- related conversations.

Registration and contest closes: Friday, March 31 at 2 p.m. PT.

Submission: The contest and all support resources will be available through March 31 and contestants can make submissions anytime in this duration.

Prizes: First place will receive $10,000, second place: $5,000 and third place: $3,000. A student winner will also be awarded $2,000. Instructions for receiving the cash prize will be sent to the winners by email.

“The StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) team is passionate about providing the Apache Spark Streaming developer and data science community with the tools they need to make their work both easy and quick, giving them more time for analytics and reducing their coding burden to near zero,” said Anand Venugopal, head of product for StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) at Impetus Technologies. “We believe contest participants will have a fulfilling experience, having solved a real-world data analytics problem using Spark – and in the process, they’ll discover the power and ease of the StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) platform for building more real-time Spark Streaming applications.”

For more information and updates on the contest, visit: https://www.streamanalytix.com/contest or stop by the Impetus Technologies booth, number 309, at the Spark Summit East conference in Boston, Feb. 8-9, 2017, or follow @StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) and look for the hashtag #SparkStreamingContest.

About StreamAnalytix

StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr), an Impetus Technologies product, enables enterprises to analyze and respond to events in real-time at big data scale. It provides enterprises with the advantages of an open-source based, enterprise-grade platform for rapid and easy development of real-time streaming analytics applications. StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) is designed to quickly build and deploy streaming analytics applications for any industry vertical, any data format and any use case. Now featuring support for Apache Spark Streaming, in addition to the current support for Apache Storm, StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) is currently the industry’s only platform that provides the powerful advantage of offering users with multi-engine support and the flexibility to match the choice of a stream processing engine to the requirements of a particular use case. To learn more, visit: https://www.streamanalytix.com or write to:inquiry@streamanalytix.com, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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