GathrIQ to augment data engineering and analytics with Gen AI

GathrIQ – Gathr’s Gen AI copilot allows use of natural language for data discovery, code and query generation, and more

GathrIQ significantly accelerates development while improving developer experience

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2024, Gathr, the data to outcome platform, recently launched Gen AI fabric, bringing a host of Gen AI integrations and features to its platform. One of these key features is GathrIQ – the Gen AI copilot, which is assisting users in their data and AI journeys.

GathrIQ enables users to chat in natural language to generate code snippets in Python and Scala languages. Similarly, users can generate complex SQL queries and expressions to easily search and refine their data. It also helps users discover data assets and manage their data better with auto metadata generation. It is an important feature as it saves significant time and effort in finding the right data assets for building ML and AI applications.

Further, users can build pipelines, with GathrIQ helping them in identifying the right operator for a task and automatically configuring and adding the operator in the pipeline. Users can chat with GathrIQ to understand the usage of operators, and it can also fix any errors encountered during the configuration of operators. For the uninitiated, Gathr Data Inc offers 200+ built in operators that can be simply dragged into a pipeline to sort, parse, and filter the data or perform advanced transformations.

“We’re happy to see the excitement among our users, the media, and analyst community around Gen AI fabric and GathrIQ has been a conversation driver for us in all our interactions. Our existing customers have highly appreciated the feature, which is unlike any other copilot in the market. It is trained to assist a specific set of data engineering and Gen AI-related workflows, and one must use it to understand the significant changes it brings to traditional data engineering methods. We believe GathrIQ, along with our expanding Gen AI integrations and capabilities will bring a paradigm change in the data engineering and analytics space” said P.C. Kiran, CEO, Gathr Data Inc.

Talking about the upcoming features, Kiran added that GathrIQ will soon allow users to search and query the data in natural language. Moreover, it will eliminate the need to sift through lengthy technical documentation and will offer contextual help, in real time. With natural language support and Gen AI capabilities, Gathr has significantly improved users’ experience, reduced chances of configuration and coding errors, and streamlined onboarding of new users to its platform. The new Gen AI capabilities, strengthen Gathr’s claim as a key player in the ever-evolving data and AI market.

About Gathr

Gathr is the world’s first and only ‘data to outcome’ platform. Gathr unifies data engineering, ML, Gen AI, analytics, and process automation, over a single platform. With Gen AI assistance, and no-code rapid application development, Gathr significantly boosts productivity for all. Moreover, the unified experience fosters seamless collaboration between teams, accelerating the journey from prototype to production. Fortune 500 companies, such as United, Broadcom, Kroger, Philips, Truist, use Gathr to build and operationalize data- and AI-driven solutions at scale.

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