Ingest data from any source
to any destination

Ingest from any source, including SaaS applications, databases, spreadsheets, proprietary data, or information scraped off the web. Use pre-built connectors or create your own using custom APIs.

Compatible with all leading cloud data warehouses, including Snowflake, Databricks Delta Lake, Amazon Redshift. Azure Synapse, and Google BigQuery.

Extract and store popular data formats like JSON, CSV, AVRO, and Parquet, or easily build your parsers for custom data formats.

It’s fast, simple, and efficient

Build ingestion applications 10x faster than traditional tools. Just follow Gathr’s step-by-step approach, configure the settings, and get robust pipelines up and running in minutes.

Use Gathr’s native connectors to swiftly move data from any source to any target destination. Effortlessly bring all your data together in one place to move work forward.

Take advantage of Gathr’s minimal learning curve – enable both tech and non-tech users to build ingestion pipelines. Significantly reduce efforts and achieve results in minutes, not weeks.

Minimize maintenance hassles,
maximize productivity

Leverage Gathr’s built-in automation capabilities to predict, detect, and resolve pipeline issues on time. Build and operate smart, fault-free data pipelines with complete peace of mind.

Automatically get an accurate, metadata-driven schema as soon as you load data from any source. Sit back while Gathr assigns a data type to each field and populates timestamps, names, IP addresses, and more.

Worried about losing data while moving it from one place to another? Gathr automatically compares two data sources, shows you comparative visualizations, and helps you fix any mismatch issues easily.

Keep your pipelines resilient and run them with absolute confidence. Gathr not only provides instant error notifications, but also helps with timely resolution. Never worry about impacted records, data duplication, or any other error again!

Meet Gathr.

Only all-in-one data pipeline platform

Built ground-up for a cloud-first world, Gathr is the only platform to handle all your data integration and engineering needs – ingestion, ETL, ELT, CDC, streaming analytics, data preparation, machine learning, advanced analytics and more. With Gathr, anyone can build and deploy pipelines in minutes, irrespective of skill levels.

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Data Ingestion

Change Data Capture

ETL/ELT Data Integration

Streaming Analytics

Data Preparation

Machine Learning

Simple. Fast. Reliable. And More.

Built for cloud from the ground up

Self-service, easy-to-use drag-n-drop UI

Any source, any target, any format

300+ ETL and ML operators

Automated schema detection

Real-time data modelling and transformation

Automated data validation

Pluggable support for ML

DataOps and MLOps support

Fault-tolerant, self-healing pipelines

Cloud-agnostic, interoperable platform

Open-source flexibility

Unlike any ETL tool

Use Gathr's competitive edge to build yours. Empower your people to deliver faster, better business outcomes in a cloud-first world.

Only all-in-one data pipeline platform

Only all-in-one data pipeline platform

Build end-to-end 'data-to-action' pipelines for all your use cases with Gathr – ingestion, ETL, CDC, streaming analytics, data preparation, data quality, cataloging, ML, and more. No more hassles of acquiring and managing multiple tools!

Built for collaboration and productivity

Built for collaboration and productivity

Empower everyone to build and manage data pipelines with a simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop GUI. Enable your data engineers, data scientists, developers, and business users to collaborate seamlessly and accelerate time to insight.

Operationalize faster and more efficiently

Operationalize faster and more efficiently

Operationalize your pipelines, models, apps, and everything else with incredible ease. With industry-leading support for DataOps, MLOps, and CI/CD, Gathr helps you cross every finishing line with confidence.

Adapts and evolves with your business

Adapts and evolves with your business

Leap to your cloud-first future with Gathr. Build pipelines once on any stack, and deploy/ migrate them to any cloud, anytime. Easily add new features and functionalities to keep pace with your changing data strategies.

Customer Stories

See how customers are using Gathr to power breakthroughs

Leading auto insurance provider

Driver profiling and risk assessment

Built an end-to-end analytics application to analyze telematics data in real-time and offer customers dynamic, usage-based insurance plans.

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Multi-national automaker

Pre-emptive fault detection in auto parts

Implemented a pre-emptive fault detection solution to help predict malfunction of auto parts, enable on-time maintainence, and ensure fault-free production.

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Fortune 500 Bank

Real-time insider threat detection

Used predictive analytics and machine learning to automatically detect threat scenarios and raise alerts for preventing predicted breaches across sensitive applications.

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Major US airline

Superior omni-channel customer experience

Delivered proactive insights to help contact center representatives present customers with relevant and personalized offers across multiple channels.

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Fortune 500 mortgage lender

Real-time business activity monitoring

Enabled 10x faster data processing and efficient, near real-time KPI tracking with an end-to-end solution for data ingestion, transformation, enrichment, and analysis.

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Cable TV and telecom provider

360-degree view of the customer

Enabled micro-segmentation and targeting, dynamic marketing campaigns, proactive error resolution, and contextualized customer service in real-time.

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Communication analytics company

Processed 1.5 billion events per day

Modernized legacy ETL frameworks to process over 1.5 billion user interactions per day from multiple real-time feeds and reduce the overall release cycle time.

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Real-time call monitoring solution

Improved performance metrics such as call abandonment rate, average speed of answer, and average call length by monitoring call activities in real-time.


Real-time multi-lingual sentiment analysis

Enabled rapid and accurate real-time text categorization and multi-lingual sentiment analysis for massive volumes of data from diverse sources.

Leading Wireless & Telecom Service Provider

Call center agent monitoring solution

Reduced annual call center costs by $5M and improved agent productivity by tracking desktop activities of call center representatives in real-time.

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