Using Gen AI for document summarization and insights

HR & recruitment use case

In this demo, we will showcase how to create Gen AI pipelines, leverage plug-and-play Gen AI operators, and turn your Gen AI ideas into a production-ready solution.

We will demonstrate this using an HR & recruitment use case; but the challenges, solutions, and benefits apply to all domains.

You will learn how to:

  • COLLECT: Ingest batch & real-time data, from various sources using built-in connectors
  • TRANSFORM: Create a pipeline to integrate, transform, and prepare the data, turning it into AI consumable format using built-in parsers and tools
  • INTEGRATE: Integrate with an LLM provider like OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, Amazon Bedrock, etc. using drag-and-drop operators
  • REFINE: Use system and custom prompts to guide LLM providers; iterate, and tweak the prompts using sample data to get the desired responses
  • ACT: Persist your LLM output in a preferred storage, visualize, and draw actionable insights from your documents

Gathr’s capabilities on display in this demo:

  • Unified UX
  • 250+ pre-built connectors
  • 200+ pre-built transformations
  • Gen AI operators
  • GathrIQ assistance
  • Drag and drop UI
  • Gen AI pipelining

See you on the other side!

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