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Get a brief distribution of Kubernetes costs across different components.


Drill down to details of Deployments, Rollouts, ReplicaSets, Jobs, DaemonSets, and more.


Monitor historical and current cost trends and predict resource requirements.




Overall reduction in Kubernetes costs


Speed to implement HPA, CPU, memory, & security recommendations


Time savings on refining clusters for developer needs


Time savings for patching/vulnerability management

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Kubernetes Cost Optimization

Improve observability into Kubernetes for increased cost savings

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Solution Details

Unified Kubernetes Cost Monitoring

  • Resource Allocation

    Without clear visibility into resource usage, organizations overprovision resources across pods.

  • Cost vs. Performance

    It is not easy to find the balance between cost and performance with scaling, networking, and storage configurations.

  • Maintenance

    Kubernetes maintenance can be costly, requiring continuous governance, monitoring, and analysis.

  • Ready Integration

    Connect to On-prem K8s clusters and cloud services like EKS, AKS, GKE, Kubecost, CloudWatch, etc. using pre-built connectors.

  • Visual Dashboard

    Use pre-built apps and templates to set up your custom Kubernetes monitoring dashboard in minutes.

  • Industry Standard Metrics

    Visualize and track industry-standard metrics or define your own KPIs using Excel-like formula engine.

  • Cost Visibility

    Get granular cost visibility across clusters, pods, containers, service/deployment, or namespace levels. Correlate with cloud cost consumption.

  • Cost and Performance Analysis

    Monitor CPU, RAM, GPU usage to assess loads, utilization, and capacity and identify highest spending workloads, namespaces, etc.

  • Smart Alerts & Recommendations

    Get alerts and recommendations to optimize K8s resources proactively.



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