Speed up your data science journey
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Streamline the end-to-end ML lifecycle

Integrate data quickly and easily

Enrich both batch and streaming data

Build or import models effortlessly

Train on curated, enriched datasets

Operationalize models 10x faster

Manage versions and retrain with ease

Track model performance with drift detection

Enable advanced analytics use cases

Legacy Machine Learning platform failing you?

Upgrade your data engineering with next-gen unified data pipelining platform

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Drag-and-drop machine learning

Use Gathr’s self-service, visual canvas to easily build, train, and deploy complex models. Select from the platform’s 300+ built-in operators to create models faster than ever before.

Import ML models from platforms like TensorFlow and Scikit-learn. Get complete support for multiple algorithms for classification, clustering, and regression analysis.

Connect to a variety of batch and streaming data sources, perform quality checks, and identify outliers. Get instant access to massive, enriched data sets for faster model building.

Train models on curated datasets and build streaming pipelines for model scoring in real-time. Optimize model hyper-parameters to maximize performance.

Upgrade to a platform with enhanced Machine Learning Capabilities

  • Ready to deploy ML models
  • Highly scalable ML Ops
  • Reduce risk of error
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Operationalize models at scale

Easily distribute your models on a Spark cluster for linear scalability. You can also use Kubernetes to scale models that you want to expose as a REST endpoint.

Apply A/B testing for monitoring model performance in the production environment. Swap the best-performing models based on real-time performance or accuracy using ‘Champion Challenger and Hot Swap’ techniques.

Once built, migrate your stand-alone data science models to an application exposed as a REST service for use across teams and use cases.

Use models trained in Gathr’s in-built notebooks to score pipelines. Sync and manage all datasets, notebooks, models, workflows, tags, and versions of your work with GIT.

Embrace MLOps across the enterprise

Enroll multiple teams into the MLOps paradigm and leverage automated and
reproducible workflows across use cases

Faster cycles for model deployment and monitoring​

Central registry to store and track data, models, and metadata​

Pre-built tools for fast-and-easy model engineering and training​

Robust model & experiment versioning for flexibility of usage

Expert Opinion

Gathr is an end-to-end, unified data platform that handles ingestion, integration/ETL (extract, transform, load), streaming analytics, and machine learning. It offers strengths in usability, data connectors, tools, and extensibilty.

Customer Speak

Gathr helped us build “in-the-moment” actionable insights from massive volumes of complex operational data to effectively solve multiple use cases and improve the customer experience.

Meet Gathr.

The only all-in-one data pipeline platform

  • One platform to do it all - ETL, ELT, ingestion, CDC, ML
  • Self Service, zero-code, drag and drop interface
  • Built-in DataOps, MLOps, and DevOps tools
  • Cloud-agnostic and interoperable
  • Data

  • Change Data

  • ETL/ELT Data

  • Streaming

  • Data

  • Machine

Why Gathr


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Unified data integration platform

Unified Data Integration platform

A unified data integration and transformation tool for ETL, ELT, Reverse ETL, CDC, real-time analytics


Built-in machine learning

Built-in machine learning

Enrich data streams and enable advanced analytics with built-in drag-and-drop ML capabilities


Best-in-class streaming analytics

Best-in-class streaming analytics

Analyze the current moment now by integrating batch, micro-batch and streaming data


Self-service, zero-code

Self-service, zero-code

Simple, from start to end – empower tech and non-tech users to build, deploy and manage pipelines in few clicks




Break silos by enabling data engineers, data scientists & ops engineers to collaborate on a single platform


Built-in XOps

Built-in XOps

Accelerate the entire analytics lifecycle using built-in DataOps, MLOps and DevOps capabilities




Get production-ready output from day 1 - extensively tested for scale, security, and stability


Open and extensible

Open and extensible

Quickly adapt to changing technologies with an open and extensible architecture




Designed and built to run in any cloud environment including multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud setup


Lowest TCO

Lowest TCO

TCO less than cost of 1 skilled data engineer – choose from free/ flat/ consumption-based pricing models

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