• Seamless no-code integration

    Connect to your Confluent cloud cluster instantly with an out-of-the-box connector.

  • Auto schema

    Choose your topics, confirm your automatically detected schema, and get started.

  • Drag and drop transformations

    Using drag and drop options on a visual canvas, enrich and transform your Confluent data with additional dimensions from other data sources.

  • Read and emit data in minutes

    Instantly read and emit data to and from Confluent cloud based on your topic and data type selections.

  • Generate business outcomes

    Generate actionable dashboards or business process automations from the data to drive real-time decisioning.

Enrich data streams and convert to answers rapidly

Every new use case with your Confluent data streams is just minutes away from getting converted to a business outcome whether standalone or enriched with other data sources, at any scale. Gathr lets you enrich Confluent streams with data from over 250 data sources using its out-of-the-box smart connectors.