Smart Data AI Summit is here! We hope you are as excited as we are. If you or your team is attending, it’s must that you visit Gathr @ Booth E1, to witness some of the slickest innovations in Gen AI space.


Gen AI Fabric is a unified approach to build enterprise-ready Gen AI solutions over a single canvas. With a copilot, drag and drop UI, Gen AI building blocks, LLM integrations, Gen AI solution templates, and more, you can easily take your Gen AI use case ideas from prototypes to production-ready solutions.

As an integral part of Gen AI fabric, you also get GathrIQ – one of a kind copilot, using which you can build end-to end data to outcome journey in 5 minutes. Now you can effortlessly build pipelines, discover data assets, generate metadata, transform data, create visualizations, get auto-insights, and more, in natural language.


  • Auto-create data to outcome journey in 5 minutes, using natural language

  • Enabling Gen AI-powered conversational experiences on enterprise content

  • Building Gen AI powered entity extraction solution

  • Building Gen AI powered recommendation engine

If you aren't attending, watch the on-demand demos here


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