Helping enterprises simplify and accelerate their data, analytics and AI initiatives,
by improving self-service, flexibility, performance, and scalability.

Easily bring all your data into Databricks

Data Foundation - Set the foundation for data analytics, ML, GenAI by ingesting quality data into Databricks Delta Lake.
Data Assets - Create a unified repository for storing and accessing diverse datasets with Gathr Ingestion and ETL applications.
Data Pipelines - Streamlining data transformation and integration for realtime and batch sources maintaining quality and consistency of data in databricks.

Design at scale using Databricks design time engine

Connect with a live Databricks cluster at design time.
Design your data pipelines interactively.

Integrate Databricks computational capabilities

Leverage Databricks compute to run ETL applications.
Access & manage multiple databricks environments from one place.
Launch and manage Databricks job and all-purpose clusters.

Unity Catalog integration

Seamless integration with Databricks unity catalog.
Low code/no code interface to capture and ingest quality data.
Support for UC Volumes as external storage.
Schedule data pipelines to populate data in UC Schemas.

Combines flexibility of pyspark with no-code ETL

Reuse and blend existing python code with visual ETL.
Implement custom business logic at scale.
Gen AI assisted pyspark development.

Enterprise-ready Gen AI capabilities

GathrIQ copilot support throughout your data engineering, analytics & AI journey.
Traverse the entire data-to-outcome journey using natural language — build pipelines, discover data assets, transform data, create visualizations, and gain insights.
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