Why Apache Spark is the right way to get a real-time customer 360 view for your business

A survey by Bain & Co. reveals that more than 89% of organizations believe that customer service plays a critical role in staying ahead of the competition. The key to transforming customer experience is having a consistent, complete, and real-time view of customers across systems and channels.

As customers interact with businesses from multiple devices and platforms, companies have huge data available from various sources like website analysis, search results, engagement applications, CRM systems, etc. Customers expect immediate responses to their needs with real-time relevance at every point of engagement.

One of the biggest challenges that any organization faces is having a unified view of their customers to understand what they want, at the right moment. While huge amounts of data flow into the system from multiple sources, often, the data is in silos, making it difficult to stitch it all together to create a complete picture of the customer.