Self Service Pre-built Pipelines for Building Real-time Streaming Apps

Streaming analytics is fast becoming a must-have technology for enterprises seeking to gain competitive advantage from Data.

There is a growing demand for these new real-time applications and use-cases to be created and deployed quickly. In order to be efficient, enterprises need to take creative and collaborative approaches which maximize re-use.

Join this webinar by the Gathr team of experts who are helping Fortune 1000 Enterprises implement real-time streaming analytics.

During this webinar session, you will get:

  • An overview of re-usable patterns in streaming analytics applications development

  • Introduction to an enterprise level streaming analytics strategy for 2017 and beyond

  • A visual IDE based approach to build, maintain and operate stream-processing applications

  • How to leverage multiple technologies like Apache Storm and Spark Streaming within a single real-time pipeline

  • A demo of A-B testing of predictive models and performing run-time model upgrades with no down-time

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