Automated migration from on-premise Hadoop to Databricks and Delta Lake using Gathr

Most enterprises are undertaking a digital transformation initiative. Data and analytics modernization is an integral part of this journey. On-premise legacy systems like Hadoop clusters and data warehouses limit innovation and growth due to their old architectures.

New cloud-based platforms are becoming an inevitable consideration for many such enterprises. However, they are seeking to reduce the risk and complexity of manual migration from their conventional ETL tools and data lakes to a modern, future state.

The million $ question: How can enterprise IT teams avoid costly failures and delays when undertaking these transformation projects?

Impetus’ Gathr and Databricks are helping enterprises with a successful pathway to the cloud with a unified data and analytics platform that serves BI, ML, and AI use-cases in one place.

In this upcoming webinar, we will demonstrate and deep dive into some key scenarios like:

  • Visually migrate a traditional on-premise ETL workflow to the cloud (Azure) as Spark pipelines running on Databricks and Delta Lake

  • Change-data-capture from relational database sources to the cloud on Databricks and Delta Lake via Gathr

The session will conclude with a Q&A with our expert panelist.


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