Building next-gen applications on a unified data platform

Cutting edge Data and AI applications are fundamental to achieving business success. Hence, the architecture underpinning your data applications is paramount. Winners will be those who can effectively and optimally unify data pipelines with AI & ml capabilities to build next-gen applications.

Let’s decode how data teams can collaborate and manage rapidly changing business requirements using a cloud-agnostic, low code, extensible data platform.

In the session you will learn how to:

  • Seamlessly connect, acquire, and integrate data from diverse sources, ensuring a unified data foundation for your applications

  • Infuse AI and machine learning into your data processing applications

  • Create blueprints for solving business problems and establish developer culture

  • Empower IT to move with the agility required to cater to ever-changing business needs

  • Capture changes in real-time from online operational data stores and sync with analytical stores


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