Gathr Named in The Forrester Wave™: Streaming Analytics, Q2, 2021

We’re thrilled – Impetus’ all-in-one data pipeline platform, Gathr (formerly known as StreamAnalytix) has been named as a contender by Forrester in its latest report, The Forrester Wave™: Streaming Analytics Q2, 2021. Gathr is among the 14 most significant streaming analytics providers to be featured.

Describing Gathr, the report states, “Gathr is an end-to-end, unified data platform that handles ingestion, integration/ETL (extract, transform, load), streaming analytics, and machine learning. Gathr offers strengths in usability, data connectors, tools, and extensibility. Enterprises currently using or wishing to use Apache Spark for streaming analytics should strongly consider Gathr because it adds tooling and enterprise features that are starkly missing from the open source platform.”

The Forrester Wave™ report is perhaps the most reputable and comprehensively evaluated market insight report focused on streaming analytics today, making it even more exciting. The report recommends evaluating Gathr to enterprises that need a single visual platform for leveraging popular open source, big data platforms for streaming ETL and advanced analytics. It validates our strong position as a unified, cloud-native, no-code data pipeline platform that meets enterprises’ end-to-end data integration and engineering needs.

What are Gathr’s key differentiators for streaming analytics?

Forrester chose Gathr after a rigorous evaluation of top vendors in the market across 22 criteria. Gathr received the highest possible score in five strategic areas — development tools, extensibility, advanced analytics, usability, and enablement. Here are a few reasons why Gathr stood out:

Gathr has also been recognized by Bloor Research, Aragon Research, Gartner, and Datanami in the past. Leading companies worldwide leverage the platform for diverse use cases, including ETL modernization, real-time customer-360, business activity monitoring, anomaly detection, next-best-action analytics, predictive maintenance, and more.

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