Empowering enterprises to seamlessly develop and deploy sophisticated AI applications, achieving faster time-to-market and cost savings

Implement RAG use cases

Streamlined data ingestion: Effortlessly ingest and process large volumes of diverse data using Gathr. Transform and normalize your data for efficient indexing and retrieval, ensuring accurate and contextually appropriate outputs.
Data privacy & security: Gathr securely masks and protects PII data through data transformation rules and encryption techniques, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and preventing sensitive information leaks.
Efficient vector storage: Gathr's GenAI fabric offers support for Pinecone, and enables efficient storage and indexing of embeddings, allowing quick retrieval of relevant information.
Automating RAG workflows: With Gathr’s GenAI fabric, you can easily configure flows to continuously process and update the vector store with most recent data. This automation keeps your AI models working with the most current and relevant data.

Optimized AI workflows

End-to-end solution: From data ingestion and transformation to vector storage and retrieval, the Gathr-Pinecone integration offers a complete solution for building AI applications, reducing complexity and time required to get your AI projects up and running.
Customization and flexibility: Tailor the integration to fit your specific requirements. Gathr’s versatile platform, combined with Pinecone’s flexible vector database, allows you to customize your AI workflows to meet unique needs.

Advanced AI-powered chatbots

Customizable chat applications: Utilize our out-of-the-box chat application and customize it to fit your needs. Built-in admin application allows you to configure and fine-tune AI responses for your chatbot.
Improved user interactions: Enhance your chatbot’s ability to understand and respond to user queries with greater accuracy and relevance using Pinecone’s vector search capabilities.
Real-time data processing: Gathr’s real-time data ingestion ensures your chatbots access the latest information, providing users with up-to-date responses and insights.
Scalability: Both Gathr and Pinecone are designed to scale with your needs, whether for small pilot projects or large-scale deployments.

How it works

Easily build RAG use-cases by providing
a scalable infrastructure for AI building blocks


Build powerful AI applications with Gathr


Gen AI Fabric

Gives you access to all Gen AI building blocks in one place with the flexibility to select the best suited LLM provider for each use case. Visualize and construct Gen AI solutions effortlessly through a copilot-assisted, drag-and-drop approach. Transform your Gen AI concepts from prototype to product today, while retaining complete ownership and control over your Gen AI intellectual property and data.


Guided data journey

GathrIQ Copilot supports you throughout your data engineering, analytics, and AI journey. Using natural language, you can build pipelines, discover data assets, transform data, create visualizations, and gain insights, seamlessly navigating the entire data-to-outcome journey.


Extract data from various sources

Gathr simplifies data extraction from a multitude of sources, including unstructured formats like PDFs, word documents, and images. This versatility allows you to gather and process data from diverse environments, readying it for AI model training and deployment.


Data chunking

Gathr’s chunking capability efficiently manages binary data by breaking it down into manageable chunks suitable for embedding generation. By preparing binary data in optimal sizes, Gathr enhances the performance and efficiency of AI models, ensuring they can process and analyze data effectively.


Diverse embedding models

Gathr allows you to connect with various machine learning models to generate embeddings. This ability ensures that you can generate the most relevant and high-quality embeddings for your specific use case.

inserting-data into-pinecone

Inserting data into Pinecone

Once data is processed and embeddings are generated, Gathr facilitates the seamless insertion of this data into Pinecone. With Gathr, you can automate the entire pipeline, ensuring that your vector data is consistently updated and readily available in Pinecone.


Chatbot interface for Pinecone interaction

To complete the AI application lifecycle, Gathr provides a frontend chatbot interface that allows users to interact with the data stored in Pinecone. This interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, enabling end-users to query and receive responses from the Pinecone database seamlessly.