Gathr and Databricks partner to transform analytics & AI landscape

Leverage Databricks’ high-performance compute capabilities with Gathr’s AI-powered, no-code approach to accelerate your data engineering, analytics and AI initiatives

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA, United States, May 31, 2024Gathr Data Inc. proudly announces a strategic partnership with Databricks, a leading data intelligence platform to unify and democratize data, analytics, and AI. This partnership will enable Gathr’s customers to leverage Databricks unified data governance and high-power compute for their data engineering & AI needs.

“With this partnership customers can modernize their disparate data assets and analytics by combining Databricks’ high-performance compute capabilities with Gathr’s AI-powered, scalable, and no-code approach,” said Bhavin Shah, Sr. Vice President, Sales & Customer Success at Gathr Data Inc. “We are eager to transform the data engineering and analytics landscape across various industries and empower businesses to unlock the true potential of their data assets & engineering teams, by enabling seamless collaboration, unparalleled productivity backed by a highly scalable data backbone.”

Key features include:

Building strong data foundation for analytics, ML and Gen AI by ingesting quality data into Databricks Delta Lake. Gathr’s ingestion and ETL applications facilitate the creation of a unified repository for storing and accessing diverse datasets to maintain data quality and consistency in Databricks.

Empowering users to design pipelines at scale using Databricks’ design-time engine. With connectivity to live Databricks clusters, enterprises can interactively design their pipelines enhancing efficiency in analytics workflows.

Integrating Databricks’ compute capabilities into workflows. Run ETL applications, manage environments, and clusters from a single interface.

Integration with Databricks Unity Catalog, offering a user-friendly low-code/no-code interface for capturing and ingesting high-quality data. Enterprises can schedule pipelines to populate data in UC schemas, enhancing data accessibility and governance.

Combining PySpark’s flexibility with Gathr’s no-code ETL capabilities, users can even seamlessly integrate their existing Python codes. With Gen AI-assisted PySpark development, enterprises can implement custom business logic at scale, driving innovation in data analytics.

GathrIQ Copilot provides natural language assistance throughout the data engineering, analytics, and AI journey. From building pipelines to discovering data assets, transforming data, creating visualizations, and gaining insights, enterprises can harness the power of Gen AI to drive intelligent business outcomes.

With this partnership, Gathr and Databricks are poised to deliver unparalleled value to enterprises, helping them navigate the complex landscape of data and AI with greater ease and effectiveness.

For more details, visit our partnership page.

About Gathr

Gathr is the world’s first and only ‘data to outcome’ platform. Gathr unifies data engineering, ML, Gen AI, analytics, and business apps, over a single platform. With Gen AI assistance, and no-code application development, Gathr significantly boosts productivity for all. Fortune 500 companies, such as United, Broadcom, Kroger, Philips, Truist, use Gathr to build and operationalize data and AI-driven solutions at scale.