On-Demand Webinar

Real-time Streaming Analytics for Enterprises based on Apache Storm

Storm Vs. Spark Vs. Others

Are you tasked with finding the best way to build real-time analytics applications?

With real-time streaming analytics, enterprises can cut preventable losses, gain operational insights, and seize new opportunities.

Leading enterprises have realized the huge potential in real-time streaming data from sources like social networks, machine generated data, log files, click-streams, network, and IP Detail Record (IPDR) data. The opportunity is to get a competitive edge by putting all your data at work to uncover new insights and support high velocity decision making.

By viewing this webcast you will:

  • Learn about proven approaches and architectural considerations for building a high performance stream processing platform
  • Conceive / visualize a solution to discover exceptions, patterns, and trends by continuously querying, filtering, correlating, integrating, enriching, and analysing data in real-time
  • Receive technology comparison based on research work and benchmarks conducted at Impetus Labs

The webcast also provides an exclusive demo of Gathr.

    Gathr Data Inc will use the data provided here in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

      Gathr Data Inc will use the data provided here in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

      Meet Gathr.

      The only all-in-one data pipeline platform

      • One platform to do it all - ETL, ELT, ingestion, CDC, ML
      • Self Service, zero-code, drag and drop interface
      • Built-in DataOps, MLOps, and DevOps tools
      • Cloud-agnostic and interoperable
      • Data

      • Change Data

      • ETL/ELT Data

      • Streaming

      • Data

      • Machine