Multi-year Licensing Agreement Provides Manufacturing Companies with a Real-time Big Data Analytics Solution to Dramatically Raise Operational Efficiency and Transform their In-Plant Infrastructure

LOS GATOS, Calif., March 21, 2018 — Impetus Technologies, a big data software products and services company, today announced that one of the top global industrial automation companies (the Customer) has completed a strategic multi-million-dollar licensing agreement for its StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) product. Impetus’ StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) serves as the backbone of a new real-time internet of things (IoT) data analytics and machine learning solution offered by the Customer. Manufacturing companies, who will be the end users of this solution, can quickly and easily access and process all of their streaming, structured and unstructured manufacturing data for real-time advanced analytics to transform their in-plant and other operational processes for significantly better production and business outcomes.

The Customer strategically licensed StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) to address their needs for a comprehensive stream and batch processing industrial IoT analytics platform. The new manufacturing analytics solution allows industrial firms to accurately predict and prevent equipment failures, maximize productivity, uncover hidden patterns for better performance and take preventive and corrective actions.

“The growing use of connected devices and sensors in manufacturing is generating unparalleled amounts of data. Real-time streaming data analysis can be the backbone of optimized processes that drive operational productivity and business transformation,” said Anand Venugopal, head of StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) at Impetus. “The integration of StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) into our Customer’s industrial automation solution allows many global industrial giants to apply the power of the latest advances in machine learning and deep learning to their manufacturing applications which gives them the ability to do what was previously impossible or inefficient, such as the rapid and accurate detection of anomalies and the initiation of corrective actions the moment they are needed.”

Impetus’ StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) is an open-source enabled, enterprise-grade, multi-engine stream processing and machine learning platform. It is also the only platform of its kind that includes a visual integrated development environment (IDE) for Apache Spark that makes it easy for developers to build, deploy and manage Apache Spark applications easily in a matter of minutes. Apache Spark has emerged as the de facto choice for stream processing, real-time analytics, data science and machine learning applications.

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