Free Trial Offers a Way to Experience Firsthand Why StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) Makes Apache Spark Streaming Easy

LOS GATOS, Calif., July 26, 2016 — Impetus Technologies, a big data software products and services company, today announced the company is offering a cloud-based trial version of its StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) platform. Since its introduction, the platform has become widely recognized as the industry’s first open-source based, enterprise-grade, multi-engine platform for rapid and easy development of real-time streaming analytics applications.

“By announcing a cloud-based StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) trial offering, we are looking to fuel the growth of the streaming analytics community by providing a way for developers, data scientists and data engineers to build analytical applications in just a few clicks and get them up and running in minutes,” said Anand Venugopal, head of product for StreamAnalytix.

The StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) cloud trial is an Apache Spark-enabled version of StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) that allows anyone to get started fast on Spark Streaming. All users need to do is click a URL to get started, with no hardware or setup required. It provides a powerful medium to quickly evaluate StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) for enterprise needs or a proof of concept, or to build analytical applications for learning and research.

To start a free trial, visit The trial version is available for a two-week period, with extensions upon request, and comes fully loaded with features such as a built-in Scala processor, an out-of-the-box data generator, advanced data transformation and analytical operators, and built-in data visualization. Email and online resources are also available to provide full support and quick help on how to build production-ready data pipelines in minutes.

StreamAnalytix (now known as Gathr) is used by leading Fortune 1000 companies that are taking advantage of streaming data for improved business outcomes and has helped organizations in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), sensor data analytics, e-Commerce and Internet advertising, security, fraud, insurance claim validation, credit-line management, call center analytics, business activity monitoring, and log analytics.

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