Customer Story

360-degree view of the customer for a large cable TV and telecom provider

Cable TV service providers worldwide are facing immense competition for customer retention and new customer acquisition, not only from traditional players, but also from a new breed of digital players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Roku, and more.

These digital players collect vast amounts of customer data and use predictive analytics and machine learning to deliver highly personalized, contextual, and content-driven interactions. Conventional cable companies feel the pressure to make use of similar technologies and tools to stay competitive and know what their customers truly want.


  • A steady decline in demand and high churn rates
  • Lack of proactive and contextualized customer service
  • The technology stack was not equipped to analyze large volumes of disparate data in real-time

The Gathr advantage

Gathr enabled a leading cable TV and telecom provider in the US to enhance its customer experience by providing a 360-degree view of its customers for micro-segmentation and targeting, running dynamic marketing campaigns, proactive error resolution, and contextualized customer service in real-time.

Gathr provided a unified platform for the client’s end-to-end data processing needs like:

  • Ingestion and pre-processing of large volumes of real-time data from multiple sources
  • In-memory data enrichment for contextualizing interactions across touch points
  • Self-learning models for customer 360 on real-time data


  • Actionable insight from contact center monitoring in real-time
  • Real-time visualization and detection of service errors
  • Tracking of service usage and engagement levels
  • Micro customer segmentation for relevant offers and personalized experience

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