Gathr Unlimited (On-prem/ VPC)

How can I register for a trial?
To register for a free trial, visit the plan & pricing page and click on Gathr Unlimited trial. Follow the steps and you’ll be logged-in into your free trial instance in no time.
Do you extend support during the trial?
Yes, support is provided for all users during the free trial period. Just raise any request to support@gathr.one
Do I need to use a professional organisation ID to sign-up?
Yes, you will need a professional e-mail Id and will need to verify the same to log into the Gathr platform.
Can I sign-up using a social service ID?
No. Sign-ups using a social service Id are not supported for Gathr unlimited trials.
What sources or connectors does Gathr support?
Gathr provides it’s users access to a library of more than 150 built-in connectors including multiple messaging queues, file systems, cloud sources, JDBC, No-SQL databases, Indexing stores, streaming sources and more.
How can I connect to sources other than the ones available out of the box?
Users can use a custom operator and configure their own sources, or reach out to our support team at support@gathr.com and we will create a source operator for your needs and populate to your environment.
Is it possible to ‘route’ messages to different operators based on some criteria?
Yes it is possible to route messages to different operators. We have an out of the box filter processor that can be used to apply the criteria and direct the messages to different operators.
Can I integrate multiple streaming pipelines?
Yes. You can use the sub-system integration feature to integrate multiple streaming pipelines.
Do you support complex event processing like pattern detection or correlation of events from multiple sources?
We have an integrated CEP engine that allows us to perform complex event processing in real-time. The CEP engine enables us to correlate events from multiple sources and detect pattern amongst them. It also allows us to perform patter detection on a single source of data.
I want to calculate statistical functions over a moving window in real-time. Can this product help me?
Yes. You can apply statistical functions on a moving time window in real-time. There is an out of the box Statistical CEP processor that can be used to run statistical functions on both fixed and moving windows in real-time.
Can I execute my custom business logic in a pipeline?
Yes definitely. The best part of Gathr as a framework is the amount of flexibility it provides. You can write your own business logic and integrate it in the pipeline via the ‘Custom processor’.
What is the installation process?
Gathr bundles its own ‘Cluster Provisioning and Deployment’ tool. This tool allows you to install the product along with its pre-requisites in simple and easy steps. A complete installation guide is available to walk you through the install process.
If I already have a Hadoop cluster, can I connect to it?
If I already have a kafka cluster, can I connect to it?
How do I migrate/move from pipeline from Dev to Production Environment?
Gathr is bundled with a very useful feature called import and export of pipelines. Once you test your pipelines on the development cluster you can export these pipelines by just a click of a button. These exported pipelines can then be imported into the destination environment without the need of building/configuring any of your pipeline.
What all cloud vendors are supported by Gathr?
Gathr supports all major cloud vendors. It also provides provision to host your application on a hybrid cloud or a hybrid Cloud and on-premise infrastructure. For more details regarding the same please reach out to the Gathr support team at support@gathr.one
How do I reach out to the professional services team for Gathr?
Write to support@gathr.one and you representatives will get in touch with you for your request.
Do you provide customizations in your software?
Gathr helps all it’s customers with customisations as needed to suit their use-case. Raise request for the same and our representatives will get in touch with you for the technical and commercial details around customization requests. Write to support@gathr.one
Do you provide support for use-case development?
Gathr’s support team helps users with custom use-case development in the trial period as well. Raise a request at support@gathr.one
When should I use Gathr?
You should use Gathr if you need to perform heavy duty data analytics involving ETL, ELT, data integrations, multi-pipeline orchestration, machine learning, and advanced data analytics.
Do you support multi-tenancy?
Yes, Gathr has a concept of workspaces that can be leveraged for multi-tenancy. User activity in one workspace is isolated from other workspaces in the system.
Does Gathr Support Complex Event Processing?

Gathr has built in support for Complex Event Processing. The CEP operators can be used for pattern matching using “SQL like” queries.

Developers can define temporal patterns such as A followed by B followed by C or detect absence of an event in a pattern etc. Developers can write queries either using the CustomCEP processor or register a query through REST UI to enable dynamic configuration of queries and actions such as update/delete.

The user can also trigger actions based on the output of such temporal queries.

What kind of Machine Learning Capability does Gathr have?

Gathr has robust set of tools to build and operationalise machine learning models at scale. Following are the advanced features supported by Gathr play a key role in building a robust analytics solutions

  1. Visual interface of data preparation and representation of data in a graphical pane to derive correlation and feature engineering
  2. Training Models on multiple prominent technologies like SparkML, Notebooks, Python, H2O and similar tools
  3. Model Testing by distributing data into various training and testing sets, and model performance interface with multiple indicators to give a holistic view of various performance metrics and in depth view of model's performance.
  4. Hyper parameter tuning to tweak important metrics of the model and fine tune the output accuracy
  5. Workflows in Gathr enable scheduling of training pipelines on desired frequency for continuously trained machine learning models
  6. Automated deployment of models with Single click deployment of models for scoring
  7. Trained models can be very easily dropped on the canvas for inference in scoring pipelines for anomaly detection
  8. Support for model management, versioning and retraining
  9. Drift Detection to track deteriorating model performance and alerting users for appropriate actions
  10. Model Snapshotting and Reproducibility for managing history and auditing
What benefit you provide over native Open Source?
Gathr is a structured and thoughtfully created package with a proven track of handling data analytics tactfully with superior quality. The architecture has been designed with patented extensibility allowing users to go beyond and fully leverage the platform to solve all their data use-cases. Developing an efficient package in itself gets you setup and cuts down your cycles to build data applications faster than ever before.