Gathr Cloud (SaaS)

How does the free Gathr trial work, how can I start my free trial?
Gathr has an instance where users can register and login for a 14 day free trial where all features of the product can use used for evaluation. Gathr provides with free credits for users to execute their pipelines. To start with the free trial, just visit the plans and pricing page and start your application trial.
Can I use my social credentials for logging-in?
Yes, you can use your social credentials to log in and access the application.
Is it necessary to use an organisation e-mail id to get started?
No, you will not require an organization e-mail to get started with Gathr.
What is included in the free plan?
The Gathr free plan post the trial includes a forever-free ingestion application builder. Once the application is designed the free applications can be executed using the free credits which renew every month.
How does the free credit system work?
Gathr’s free credit system gives a user 4000 monthly free credits which can be used in executing the applications designed within Gathr platform. You can run Ingestion, CDC or ETL applications using the Gathr free credit system.
How many free credits do I get?
Users get 4000 free credits to execute their pipelines.
Do the free credits get renewed?
Yes, the free credits get renewed every month and the users can use them to execute their pipelines.
What is “Bring your own compute”?
The Bring Your Own Compute (BYOC) feature enables you to configure your own AWS compute resources (AWS EMR) in your account. This will allow you to reconfigure your pipeline within Gathr to run in your own compute environment. The BYOC feature allows to increase infrastructure flexibility from gathr account to any of your aws account.
What are the advantages of BYOC?
The BYOC feature has following advantages

Secure Traffic:

Uses Private IP connectivity Traffic doesn’t traverse the internet

Data boundary:

Data movement for a pipeline running in your compute environment, never leaves your environment boundary.

Enhance Performance:

This feature allows pipelines created in gathr, to run in your EMR compute environment in proximity of data source or target. Which reduces data movement across account to enhance the performance.

Gathr utilizes AWS PrivateLink for secure communication between accounts.

AWS PrivateLink is an AWS service for creating private VPC endpoints that allows direct, secure connectivity between AWS VPCs without traversing the public Internet.

How many compute accounts can I add?
Gathr allows a user to add multiple AWS accounts for compute resources. It also supports multi-region compute resources within an account.
How do I configure my account for customer compute?
Gathr allows you to select your Region and configure your compute environment to suit your needs. Follow this step-by-step guide (document) to configure your Compute environment.
How do I reach support in case of any issues in set up?
Please contact saas-support@gathr.one for more details.
Can I switch between managed compute and my own compute environment?
Yes. An application configured to run in Gathr’s account can be reconfigured to run in your own compute account as well.
How can I connect to sources other than the ones available in the system by default?
You can raise a request for additional sources/targets from the “Request a New Source” link on the Create Application page.
Can I load data to my own existing data warehouse?
Yes, Gathr allows you to connect and configure your own existing warehouse to load data.
Can Gathr connect to remote databases?
Yes, Gathr can connect to remote databases via a user-defined key created from the Gathr application. The exact steps for this are listed in the Product Documentation section.
What payment methods do you support?
Gathr supports all major credit cards. We use Stripe as a payment processing service.
Does Gathr store my credit card details?
No, your credit card details will not be stored in our database.
What currency is used for Gathr billing?
US dollars.
Can I update my credit card details?
Yes, you can add multiple credit cards and mark the preferred one as default.
If I pick a Gathr subscription plan during my trial period, how will I be billed?
Each Gathr user is alloted a quota of free credit points per month. If you upgrade to a subscription plan during your trial period, you will be billed only for the chargeable credits after deduction of all your remaining free credits.
How is my bill calculated? What is a Gathr credit point?
Gathr uses a monthly credit point system for billing. One Gathr credit point is equivalent to the number of application cores utilized per minute. At the end of each month, your bill is calculated based on credit point consumption.
How will I know if my payment was successful?
You will get an invoice and payment receipt on the email address you signed up with.
Where can I find my past invoices?
To download your past invoices, go to User Profile in the Billing and Subscription section.
How will Gathr charges reflect on my credit card statement?
The transaction will be billed as GATHR.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime during the trial. For paid subscriptions, the account will be suspended and deleted once your payment for the current period has been processed.
Who can I contact for billing related queries?
Click on the Help icon located at the bottom right of the Gathr application screen, or write to us at billing@gathr.one
What happens if my payment fails? How can I retry it?
In case of a failed payment, you can pay using the link provided at the bottom of the payment invoice received over email.
Do you auto-collect bills?
Yes, all invoices are charged automatically.
When should I use Gathr?
With the Gathr SaaS offering you get the flexibility of easy pricing and the ability to solve your Ingestion, CDC and Advanced ETL use cases. You can use Gathr to solve the data problems faced by your organisation in an essay to use interface that helps you develop your data applications 10x faster than ever.
How does Gathr safeguard my data?
Gathr uses tenant exclusive compute infrastructure for different users. You can securely add your connection information or specify role-based Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) to read data from cloud sources. The user data processed in ETL or CDC workflows is not stored on Gathr servers.
Can I run Gathr on-premises or on my existing cloud accounts?
To run Gathr on-premises or inside your existing AWS, GCP, or Azure account, contact us at support@gathr.one
How can I access enterprise features on Gathr?
For enterprise features like data science and advanced ETL, or to run Gathr inside your network boundary, write to us at support@gathr.one