Essentials for an enterprise data science solution

Data science solutions enable enterprises to explore their data, develop machine learning (ML) models, and operationalize them to drive business outcomes. Until recent years, data analysts and scientists had to switch from one tool to another to perform these steps, making the entire process of building models slow and cumbersome. However, modern data science solutions are changing the game by offering end-to-end workflows and advanced tools for all these processes.

Here is our take on 10 must-haves for a next-gen scalable enterprise data science solution.

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Expert Opinion

Gathr is an end-to-end, unified data platform that handles ingestion, integration/ETL (extract, transform, load), streaming analytics, and machine learning. It offers strengths in usability, data connectors, tools, and extensibilty.

Customer Speak

Gathr helped us build “in-the-moment” actionable insights from massive volumes of complex operational data to effectively solve multiple use cases and improve the customer experience.


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