Data + AI Summit 2023: A must-attend for data scientists, engineers, and business leaders

The Databricks Data + AI Summit is a premier event for data and AI professionals, featuring key industry leaders, innovative technologies, and emerging trends in the field. The annual event brings together thousands of data professionals and experts from around the world to share knowledge, insights, and experiences.

This year, the summit will be held from June 26-29, 2023, in San Francisco, California, USA. The event will be held both physically and virtually and is expected to draw thousands of attendees. Whether you’re a data engineer, data scientist, data analyst, or key decision maker, the summit offers tailored content to suit your role. This means you can expect to gain insights and practical tips on topics that are relevant to your daily work.

Here are some reasons why this event is a must-attend for anyone working in data, AI, and related fields:

Slow and Steady don’t win races – Neither Formula 1 nor DevOps

Taking into account the pace at which innovation happens and technologies evolve in today’s world, software development is no less than an F1 race. Precision is critical, but speed can’t be forfeited either.

A lot more goes into the F1 racing strategy than meets the eye. There is no denying the skill of the drivers who battle it out on the tracks, but it takes an entire team to plan and execute a winning strategy. From designing the vehicle and its aerodynamics to deciding how much fuel to start with, or in which lap to refuel or change tires, and everything in between is critical to ensuring success. Similarly, success of the DevOps approach to software development and delivery rests on the premise of collaboration between stakeholders to accelerate the release of new software, while ensuring quality and optimizing costs. Delays can translate into lost business opportunities and jeopardize your competitive advantage. The key is to focus on continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous delivery to ensure quality, reliability and speed.

Customer found defects – Everybody’s embarrassment, nobody’s fault